Alliance for Community Enrichment Program

The Mission of the Program

To foster community enrichment and pursue a higher quality of life for citizens of Gastonia through partnerships and collaboration between citizens and the local government by way of neighborhood and community recognition.

Purpose of the Program

The City of Gastonia believes that the quality of life, the personal interaction, and the sustainability and inclusivity of communities and neighborhoods within its City limits is a core driver for the overall health, citizen engagement, and future of the City. By encouraging neighborhoods and communities to become recognized, the City and its citizens can communicate and collaborate together to create a healthier, more enjoyable, and inclusive place to live, work, and play.

The City of Gastonia's Recognized Communities include Neighborhood Associations, Property Associations, Homeowner Associations, and other residential community groups within a set geographic boundary who have been formally recognized by the City Council. A Recognized Community commits to partnering with the City to identify solutions to community concerns, provide information, receive updates regarding City services, share feedback on public improvement projects, and participate in City sponsored programs and events.
The Alliance for Community Enrichment (A.C.E.) Program provides citizens access to City resources, services, and information at a more one-on-one level through recognized neighborhoods and communities. Through this program, the City desires and encourages more open dialogue and feedback from citizens in addressing community issues in order to enrich neighborhoods’ quality of life and sustainability.
Once a neighborhood or residential community meets the needed requirements for becoming recognized, a City Liaison will be assigned to that group. This Liaison will be present at neighborhood and community meetings as a resource for assisting in addressing community concerns and can provide information regarding updates within the City of Gastonia.


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Benefits of Becoming a Recognized Community

There are many benefits of becoming a Recognized Community or Neighborhood. Below are just a few of these benefits:

Community Liaison
A City of Gastonia staff member will be designated as a liaison between the City and your community. Community Liaisons are City employees that have the knowledge and experience to assist your community in different ways. These liaisons will regularly attend community association meetings to listen and respond to community concerns that can be addressed through City services and resources.

City Staff Attendance for Meetings
Should your community have a concern that primarily focuses on a single service that the City provides, the Community Liaison will assist your community with securing a City staff member from the Department that can address this concern at an upcoming meeting.

Access to Meeting Space without Fee
With advanced notice and no conflicting reservations, recognized communities can request access to meeting space free of charge at local recreation centers, public facilities, fire departments, or police station.

Community and Neighborhood Cleanups
The City of Gastonia makes continuous strides in keeping Gastonia aesthetically beautiful through litter clean-ups and beautification projects. Through a partnership with Keep Gastonia Beautiful neighborhoods and communities can request litter clean-up supplies, at no charge, for community litter sweep projects.

Technical Assistance
The City will help neighborhood and community leaders with problem-solving by identifying strategies and resources to address neighborhood issues such as traffic and pedestrian safety, public safety, environmental concerns, community relations, beautification opportunities, and property maintenance.

City of Gastonia’s Municipal Citizens Academy
A 10-session municipal education program for adults begins each January and meets once every two weeks. Participants learn about the different aspects of Gastonia’s government, and learn first-hand about the services of the City. Leaders of Recognized Communities would have priority in participating in this academy. For more information about the Academy, CLICK HERE

How to Become a Recognized Community

In order for a community or neighborhood to become a formally Recognized Community, a community leader should review and complete the application for Formal Recognition. This application can be completed online by clicking HERE.

If the community meets the needed criteria for recognition, as mentioned in the application, the Neighborhood Program Administrator will prepare all the necessary Council paperwork, including maps, and will notify the designated community contact as to when the community recognition request will be considered by City Council.

Once formally recognized, the Mayor will present the community with a Certificate of Recognition and the community will be assigned a Community Liaison. The liaison will serve as the community’s single point of contact with the City. Liaisons attend community meetings to provide information regarding City services and programs and to receive information from the community that may help the City in developing an effective response to the needs of the community.

This new program is under development and City Staff are working diligently to create a service that can benefit the citizens of Gastonia and directly address community needs and concerns. For more information regarding this program, please contact the City of Gastonia's Neighborhood Program Administrator:
Tyler Davis
(704) 866-6907

A.C.E. Program Handbook

pdf Statement of Support Example (319 KB)


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