TRU+E Alerts Questions & Answers


TRU+E Alerts Questions & Answers
Are you looking for more information about our new texting outage notification program? You've come to the right place!

What are TRU+E Alerts?
TRU+E Alerts is an outage notification program, used by Two Rivers Utilities and the City of Gastonia Electric Division. The utilities will be able to communicate basic outage information with customers registered for TRU+E Alerts via text. We understand that when your power is out, communication can be difficult. Now, with a simple text, you can report your outage quickly and efficiently. You will receive an outage confirmation text as well as updates throughout your service outage.

Do I have to sign up to get the text messages?
During our initial registration, we will be auto-enrolling customers for whom we have up-to-date information in our system. Those customers will receive a “Welcome Text” from 1-888-859-0878. If you do not wish to be a part of our text notifications, simply text QUIT to stop all messages. If you do NOT receive a welcome text, you will need to register at the TRU+E Alerts Text Outage & Notification Opt In/Out by simply having your account number and cell phone number. This is a free and simple registration.

What if I have more than one account?
You will be able to register all of your accounts by the individual account number, giving each account a personalized nickname. (EX: barn, house, rental) You can report outages separately for each of your meters or homes.

Can my spouse and I both register our phone numbers so we are BOTH notified during an outage?
YES! You can register as many phone numbers as you want for each account so the whole family will be notified during an outage event.

Will you register for me?
If you are not comfortable registering with the link or you don’t have your account number, please call the Electric Utilities service at 1-704-866-6823 (then press 3, press 1, press 4) and they will be happy to register your number! For Two Rivers Utilities, 1-704-866-6823 (then press 3, press 2, press 4).  This is also a good time to make sure the contact number on your account is up to date.

I don’t want to EVER receive text messages how do I opt out?
If you are one of the customers that were opted in during our initial phase, you simply text QUIT when you receive your “Welcome Text” from TRU+E Alerts. If you were not initially registered, please call the Electric Utilities service at 1-704-866-6823 (then press 3, press 1, press 4) and our contact center representatives will be happy to add an attribute to your account stating you do not want to be registered for TRU+E Alerts at any time.

How do I report an outage?  
Text ELECTRIC to report an electric outage, WATER to report a water outage, or SEWER to report a sewer outage.

How often will you be sending me text messages during outage events?
We will send you an initial outage text confirming your outage report or letting you know there is an outage affecting your address.
A restoration text will be sent informing you the power has been restored.

Will I be bombarded with text messages?
No, we have worked diligently and changed several configurations to ensure our ETRs are as accurate as the software can predict to avoid sending unnecessary texts during outage events.

Will you use my number to send advertisements, offers, etc?
We are only using TRU+E Alerts for outage notifications. In the future, we may send you information that would relate to planned outages in your area. We will never send junk mail via text through TRU+E Alerts.

I don’t want to receive messages after midnight, can I request that?
Unfortunately, we cannot set time parameters on your outage notifications via text. You will receive updates on your outage throughout the night until power is restored. 

Can I get notifications for my Mother’s house?
Absolutely. She can register you OR you can register your number as long as you have her account number and permission.

If I don’t call in and report my outage will you let me know if my power is out?
If you are part of a known outage, yes. We will text you 5 minutes after the outage affecting your address is known. Please remember if you know you are out of power it is always best to report it to ensure we know of your outage.

How long after my power goes out will I get a confirmation text if I don’t report it?
Five minutes after it is first reported you will receive a text saying you are part of a known outage.

How soon will I be able to get an Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR)?
You will receive a text with an estimated restoration time 15 minutes after the outage is first reported.  Our Outage Management System will create an ETR based on outage device history, the number of outages on the system at the time, and the extent of the outage. Very large storms will not have an ETR.

During very large outage events we have to disable our ETR program that predicts the estimated time of restoration. Unfortunately, the more extensive the outages the more difficult it is to predict. When we have a grasp of the extent of the outages we will enable the ETR program and you will once again receive an ETR time when you text STATUS.

Did you change phone providers? If so, you will have to re-register your number due to the number being associated with a different provider.

Quick Actions:

  • Text ELECTRIC to report your electric utility outage.
  • Text WATER to report your water utility outage.
  • Text SEWER to report your sewer utility outage.
  • Text STATUS to receive the status of your outage.
  • Text QUIT to no longer receive texts from TRU+E Alerts
  • Text to 1-888-859-0878.


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