Requirements for Markers & Monuments

The City has requirements for the size and location of markers and monuments.  Below is information that explains in detail the requirements.

Experience has proven the adoption and enforcement of rules to be necessary to secure a proper burial, to protect the interests of lot owners and to preserve the beauty of a Cemetery.  All persons are therefore urgently and respectfully solicited to conform to these rules and regulations and to assist the management in their enforcement.
To assure a good effect in a Cemetery it is essential that every portion of it should be well cared for, as partial neglect would mar the beauty of the entire surroundings; therefore, the care of all lots is assumed by the City.  The drives and walks will be kept in good condition, trees and shrubs will be trimmed or pruned, the turf will be kept mowed and cleaned without expense to the lot-owner, and no person other than the employees will be permitted to perform any work on any lot unless a permit is obtained from the Cemetery Administrator.
No trees, plants or shrubs shall be planted on lots or graves, nor shall any tree or shrub be trimmed or removed except by employees of the City under the direction of the Cemetery Administrator.
Ornaments, chairs, settees, vases, glass vases, artificial flowers, rocks, toys, watering cans or any other article that may be considered objectionable by the Cemetery Administrator are prohibited and the City reserves the right to remove same without notice to lot holder.  Metallic flower vases will be permitted under certain conditions in sections not especially restricted.  Permanent receptacles for cut flowers must be of metal or bronze and sunk below the surface of the ground and of such character as not to interfere with the mowers, nor appear unsightly when not filled.  Other types of receptacles will be removed by the City.  Objects of wood, glass, clay, tin or other similar material will not be permitted.
Exceptions to the above paragraph: From November to February, when it is not necessary to mow grass, artificial wreaths, etc. will be permitted.  There will be two general cleanings of all flowers from City Cemeteries during the month of February and July.  No holes may be dug in the ground as this mars the looks of the lot and is damaging to the mowers.
The City Administrator shall remove all decorations whenever it may be necessary or proper to do so.
Specifications: Only one monument shall be permitted on a family burial plot.  All monuments and footstones shall be erected under the supervision of the Cemetery Administrator and all persons engaged in this work shall conform to the provisions of this ordinance and shall clean the site of their work of all unused materials or debris on completion.  The City shall have the authority to remove any monument from any lot when the same shall have ceased to remain in an upright position, or which does not comply with the specifications and foundation requirements of this Section, and the City shall not be held responsible for the safekeeping of such monument after the same has been removed from the lot.  No monument shall be erected or installed which is not of cut stone or bronze.
Monument Base
1. For single grave lots, the monument base shall not exceed thirty (30) inches in length, twelve (12) inches in width and ten (10) inches in thickness.

2. The monuments base in lots eight (8) feet or wider shall not be less than four (4) feet in length or more than fifty percent (50%) of width of lot; and in no case shall monument base be more than eight (8) feet in length.  The base shall not be less than twelve (12) inches or more than one (1) foot two (2) inches in width, and twelve (12) inches in thickness.
 Provided, however, larger monuments may be permitted in sections of city cemeteries opened prior to 1970, if approved in advance and in writing, by the City Manager.  Such approval shall be granted by the City Manager only if the proposed monument base is the same size as those on the adjoining lot.

3. Monuments for single grave and multiples grave lots shall not be less than six inches (6”) in thickness.
Foundations for monuments and footstones shall be composed of a hard coarse aggregate, sand and cement in proportions not less than 1:3:5 well compacted in place.  All foundations of monuments and footstones shall extend below the lot surface at least twenty-four (24) inches, when placed on fill material.  Foundations of monuments and footstones placed on undisturbed ground shall extend below the lot surface at least six (6) inches.
Temporary Markers Required
A temporary marker shall be placed at the front of the lot at the time of interment.  A permanent identification marker shall be installed within six (6) months following the interment.  The dimensions for a permanent marker shall not be less than 8” x 12” x 6” or more than 2’ x 1’ x 6”.  Headstones and markers must be set flush with the ground, and shall be placed on the lot equidistant from the side lot lines.
Enclosures and Curbings
No enclosure, curbing, fencing, etc. shall be placed around any cemetery lot.  When any existing enclosure is found to be in a dilapidated condition, the owner of said enclosure will be required to put it in good condition within 10 days; after such notice, it will be removed by the Cemetery Administrator if the faulty conditions have not been corrected.

For additional information, please see the Quick Links section to the right or contact the Cemetery office Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.


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