Sanitary Sewer and Water Details - Drawer 71 B

71B-1 Manhole Frame and Cover Details, Cast Iron
71B-1A Anchor Detail for Manhole in Non-Paved Areas
71B-1B Ring & Cone Assembly
71B-1C Ring & Cover Adjustment Detail
71B-2 Manhole Steel Reinforcing & Assembly Detail
71B-2A Plastic Manhole Step Detail
71B-3 Outside Drop Detail
71B-4 Manhole Details - Precast Concrete
71B-4A Vent for Manhole
71B-4B Manhole Detail for 8" Diameter Inside Drop
71B-5 Bedding Details for Sanitary Sewer and Storm Drainage Pipes
71B-5A Bedding Details for PVC Sanitary Sewer Pipe
71B-6 Valve and Fire Hydrant Location Detail
71B-7 Fire Hydrant Installation within Utility Easement
71B-8 Fire Hydrant Installation for Water Main in Street
71B-9 Fire Hydrant Leg & Dead End Detail
71B-9A Areas Reqiured for Concrete Blocking for Tees and Bends, etc.
71B-9B Blow Off
71B-10 Turbine Meter Installation
71B-10A Compond Meter Installation
71B-10B Compond Meter Detail
71B-11 Fire Service Installation Double detection Check with 3/4" By-Pass Meter(US Gallons)
71B-11A 2" Double Check Detector Assembly (WATTS 007 DCDA DSY-USD)
71B-12 Omitted
71B-13 Concrete Block Manhole Details
71B-14 Concrete Pier Detail
71B-15 Concrete Pier Detail
71B-16 Brick or Block Pier Detail
71B-17 Air Release Valve with Vacuum Check Unit
71B-17A Sanitary Sewer, Air Release Valve (Off Road)
71B-17B Sanitary Sewer, Air Release Value (Road Shoulder)
71B-19 Sanitary Sewer Lateral Connection
71B-19A Sanitary Sewer Lateral Connection Main Depths Are Greater than 8'
71B-19B Sanitary Sewer Lateral Connection Renewal
71B-19C Sanitary Sewer Cleanout Cover for Traffic Bearing Areas in Asphalt
71B-19D Sanitary Sewer Cleanout Cover for Traffic Bearing Areas in Concrete
71B-20 3/4" x 5/8" Water Tap and Meter Details
71B-20A 1.5" Kent C-700 Water Meter with Flanged Ends
71B-20B 2" Water Service
71B-20C 1" Water Service
71B-21 Standard Street X-Section Showing Water Tap Depth
71B-22 Standard Multi-Meter Assembly
71B-23 Butterfly Valve with Manhole (16" - 24")
71B-23A Butterfly Valve with Manhole (16" - 24")
71B-24 Butterfly Valve with Valve Box
71B-25 Dry Bore and Jack Encasement and Carrier Detail
71B-26A 3/4" Sprinkler Service Standard Water Tap and Meter Parallel to Existing Meter Box
71B-26B 3/4" Sprinkler Service Addition to Existing Water Service
71B-27 Vertical Blocking
71B-28A In Ground Grease Interceptor
71B-28B In Ground Grease Interceptor
71B-29 In Ground Oil/Grit Separator
71B-30 Reduced Pressure Principal Assembly (RP) 3/4"-2" Above Ground
71B-31 Reduced Pressure Principal Assembly (RP) 2 1/2"-10" Above Ground
71B-32 Reduced Pressure Principal Assembly (RP) 2 1/2"-12" Indoor
71B-33 Reduced Pressure Principal Assembly (RP) 3/4"-2 Indoor
71B-34 Double Check Value Assembly (DC) 2 1/2"-10" Above Ground
71B-35 Double Check Valve Assembly( DC)3/4"-1" Below Ground Vault
71B-36 Double Check Valve Assembly (DC) 2 1/2"-12" Below Ground Vault
71B-37 Double Check Valve Assembly (DC) 2 1/2"-12" Indoor
71B-38 Double Check Valve Assembly (DC)3/4"-2" Above Ground
71B-39 Double Check Valve Assembly (DC)3/4"-2" Indoor
71B-40 Double Check Valve Assembly (DC)1 1/2"-2" Below Ground Vault
71B-41 Test Cock Location
71B-43 Reduced Pressure Detector Assembly (RPDA) 2-1/2" - 10" Above Ground Fire Service
71B-46 Repair Detail - Asbestos Cement Pipe
71B-48 Double Check Detector Assembly (DCDA) 2 1/2" - 10" Above Ground Fire Service 2 1/2" - 10" Above Ground Fire Service
71B-51 Repair Detail - VCP Sewer Pipe


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