Automatic Fire Suppression Submittal Requirements

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems Plan Review Submittal Requirements

The NC Fire Prevention Code requires that a construction permit be obtained for the installation of/or modification to automatic fire suppression systems. The code also requires that construction documents be submitted for review and approval prior to system installation. These systems are normally used for the protection of cooking equipment, ventilation and exhaust systems, spray booths, electrical rooms, and areas where an alternative to a required automatic sprinkler system is allowed and approved.

Our preferred method of submitting permit applications and if needed plans is through our new City View online portal system. See for complete instructions. If you desire to submit paper plans you will need to look below for what needs to be submitted along with a permit application, and pay the permit fee via check only. They can be dropped off or mailed.

Look below for submittal requirements:

  • City View Portal submitted, mailed, or dropped off plans should include 2 set of plans drawn to ¼ inch scale or shall be suitably dimensioned and be reproducible.
  • Include a current Manufacturers Certification for the installer.
  • Size, length and arrangement of connected piping shall be shown.
  • Description and location of all nozzles and fusible links must be provided.
  • Show the location of all Manual Operating devices.
  • Identification of all hazards being protected including physical dimensions, cooking appliances, energy sources of appliances and air handling equipment must be provided.
  • Provide manufacturer data sheets, model numbers and listing information for equipment, devices and materials. Sheets must verify the compatibility with any existing equipment.
  • Show the location, size and total flow points of all cylinders.
  • Show the size and dimensions of all hoods, plenums and exhaust ducts.
  • Show the location of all appliances being protected.
  • All energy sources under the hood shall be on a shunt trip including any lights.
  • Once the permit is issued and work is done, an acceptance test will be done by ths office in conjunction with the fire suppression contractor doing the work. A certificate of completion will also be required upon completion of the project.

The issuance of a Construction Permit from the Gastonia Fire Marshal’s Office does not relieve the applicant of any additional permits which may be required by the City of Gastonia, or from The Gaston County Building Inspections Department.


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