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Solid Waste fee questions

Q: Will the City change monthly residential Solid Waste fees?

A:  The current monthly Solid Waste fee pays for the City’s garbage service. Any money saved when curbside recycling ended is being spent on constructing and improving drop-off recycling center sites. Because the amount of garbage being collected is expected to increase, it will cost the City more in vehicle maintenance, fuel, and landfill fees.


Q: Doesn’t some of the monthly Solid Waste fee pay for curbside recycling?

A:  The Solid Waste fee paid by residents covers only the cost of garbage collection. Other Solid Waste services such as recycling and yard waste collection are funded through general tax revenue.


Q: Did the City of Gastonia make money off of the recycling program?

A:  No, the City never received revenue for recyclable materials during the life of the program. The City paid a private company to collect recyclables from residences. The drop-off recycling centers are operated by Gaston County government. After the new drop-off facility is constructed at Duke Street off Gaston Day School Road, future recycling costs to the City will be minimal.


Q: Without curbside recycling, I’ll have more trash. How do I get a second garbage cart?

A:  Please contact the City on the WasteWise app or email generalservices@cityofgastonia.com to request an additional cart. Each additional garbage cart will add $7.50 per month to your Solid Waste bill.  If you request an additional cart, the cart will be delivered after the collection of all recycling carts in the City.


Q: How much more will the City pay in landfill fees after the end of curbside recycling?

A: If all of the recyclable material is thrown in the trash, it will cost the City an additional $100,000 a year in landfill fees and an additional $200,000 in operating costs such as increased trips to the landfill, vehicle maintenance, and fuel.

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