FOG Logo 2 EditedThe City of Gastonia has a Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) program designed to educate the public about the risks involved with FOG in our sewer system as well as to reduce the amount of grease that is discharged.  Grease can enter the sewer system in several ways.  One of the main ways is from household drains, most notably the kitchen sink.  Once in the sewer system grease can harden and block sewer pipes causing sanitary sewer overflows.  SSO’s can lead to damage to your home/business, health hazards, and can do serious harm to the environment. You, as a Two Rivers Utility customer can help by disposing of grease properly.  You should:

          • Never pour any grease or food scraps down sink drains.
          • Instead scrape all grease/food scraps into a container and place in it the trash.
          • Use food strainers in your sink to help with stopping all food scraps from going down the drain.
          • Garbage disposals are not recommended.
          • NEVER flush grease with hot water this will not remove the grease, it only pushes the problem further down the sewer line.
          • For more tips and information about FOG please click the link below

FOG Education Flyer

Additionally, grease can enter the sewer system from poorly maintained grease interceptors in restaurants and other food service establishments and from poorly maintained oil/grit separators in automotive and washing establishments.    

For all requirements for Food Service Establishments or Auto Washing Establishments - Click Here

To view our permit applications, a list of approved grease haulers, our grease trap maintenance record for self-cleaners, and standard details for both grease interceptors and oil/grit separators please click the links below:

Food Service Establishment Permit Application

Automotive and Washing Establishment Permit Application

List of Grease Haulers

Grease Trap Maintenance Record

71B-28A In Ground Grease Interceptor Standard Detail

71B-29 In Ground Oil/Grit Separator Standard Detail

City of Gastonia FOG Device Requirements



For additional information, please contact Tyler Alexander:

Office: 704-854-6669 

Email: Tylera@tworiversutilities.com  


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