Water System Overview


The Water Supply & Treatment Division is dedicated to providing a superior quality drinking water at a reasonable price to our customers, with a total commitment to the protection of the public health.
The main raw water source is Mountain Island Lake, where the main pumping station, the Samuel L. Wilkins Raw Water Pumping Facility, is located. Mountain Island Lake provides high quality water in plentiful amounts that will help meet future water needs. The back-up or emergency raw water pumping station is located on the South Fork River.
The original part of our water treatment plant was built in the early 1920s and has been expanded five times since then. The water treatment plant, where the majority of the cleanup of raw water occurs, treats 10 to 24 million gallons per day. Water plant personnel analyze data from more than 27 million tests and readings annually as part of the treatment process. About 60% of the treated water is used by industries and businesses.

From the water treatment plant, the water is pumped into the distribution system. The distribution system consists of approximately 531 miles of water lines and 3,075 fire hydrants. There is 5.5 million gallons of storage at the water treatment plant plus an additional 7 million gallons of storage in three storage tanks located in different areas of the city. For a diagram of how the city water system works, click here.
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